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DSC_2877I think we are going give restarting this blog a try. Life is quieting down again and it’s a good way to keep track of Huxley events. I’m not a very good writer, but I’ll make it more about pictures and facts.

We had a good summer. We moved into a new house and became landlords. Sunday we celebrated 6 years of marriage and 8 years of dating. We had a dinner at Mill Valley Kitchen that I was inclined to take pictures of, but resisted. I am truly lucky to have such an amazing partner in crime. Huck, your dad is tops. The greatest father and husband to date.

We also went to our (my?) first block party. We met tons of our neighbors and I think we choose well. Lots of kids and some likeminded adults. People don’t seem to leave this neighborhood once they move in. We met a gentleman named Dan who lived in our house for 18 years. Our house then turned into a college party house for several years until the family we bought it from bought it. The neighborhood seems happy to have us, if only because we are not currently enrolled at St. Thomas.

Our old house(now rental) has not burned to the ground and I haven’t been over there everyday fixing things so I count that as a win. Renters seem solid. Friendly and not too needy. It was surprisingly emotional letting that house go. We put a lot of work into it. You would never recognize it from day 1 to today. Besides that we had a lot of firsts in that house. Huck learned everything he knows in that house. We learned what sort of home improvement tasks to tackle alone and which to hire out. We got married, got Sam, Gus, Winnie. We bought our first mower. Celebrated many birthdays and holidays. I haven’t been over there to see it with other peoples stuff in it. I think it will be pretty weird, but I think I will be happy to still own it in 10 years to show Huxley Where he started his life.

We stayed pretty close to home this summer. A trip to Canada in May which included Huck’s first camping trip. Reid went to Las Vegas for work last month and we took a couple trips to the Peifer Cabin and my Mom’s. Huck loves both equally and is always sad to leave his grandparents. I guess we have been saving up for this fall. We are going to Italy in October and hopefully New York again in December to see Auntie Julia and the big tree. Until then we plan to get some painting done and settle in to the new house. Thanks for reading.DSC_2954






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